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Posted at 6:23 AM Fri by Betty Dodson
Dear Dr. Betty I might not have such a special problem, it seems like there are questions sort of like mine all over the internet, but few people take it seriously or they take a PC approach to...
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Posted at 3:07 PM Tue by Carlin Ross
Betty and I used to see each other three times a week and every Friday, rain or shine, we did a video and posted it to youtube. When I had Grayson, I took 3 months off. Thereafter, we got together...
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Posted at 7:49 AM Fri by Betty Dodson
Hi Betty, I'm 22 years old and a virgin and I have never had an orgasm. I masturbate fairly regularly, sometimes multiple times a day, but I can never seem to get myself all the way there. I know...
Posted at 7:33 AM Thu by Carlin Ross
Jenny Block took a workshop about a year ago and has been writen several pieces about the experience. Just when I think she's written the best article about the workshops and Betty's brilliance she...
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Posted at 7:41 AM Tue by Carlin Ross
Betty did a series of market drawings in 2004 that she called her "granny porn".  This is one of my favorite images. 
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Posted at 2:21 PM Sun by Betty Dodson
Hi Betty, When I was pregnant, I developed a growth of skin on one side of my clitoral hood. My OBGYN said she would remove it while I was delivering but for some reason or another it didn't happen...
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Posted at 2:17 PM Sun by Amy W
I’m just barely back from the out-of-this-world experience of a Bodysex workshop. It’s an incredible honor to facilitate, to witness profound change and re-birth. All my new sister goddesses and I...
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Posted at 12:23 PM Sat by Carlin Ross
We wrote this book for our certification program. Our future Bodysex leaders wanted a manual, a step-by-step process with pictures, detailing how to run a workshop from beginning to end. I'm not...
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Posted at 8:08 AM Tue by Betty Dodson
Dear Betty, I just had an incident with my brand new razor. I was shaving, and I have hair just inside of my vaginal lips, so I tried to shave them... And felt a slight sting during. I thought...
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Posted at 7:57 AM Tue by Carlin Ross
This is one of Betty's earlier paintings.  I love her group nudes because you can see something brewing in her work - her nudes are restless looking for more.  In only a few years, Betty...
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Posted at 2:57 PM Mon by Betty Dodson
Hi, Betty, I have been using sex toys for many years. I am currently not with a partner. Recently I got more than one uti without having the typical painful uti symptoms. There were no symptoms at...
Posted at 1:32 PM Mon by Amy W
To feel confident and sexy. To feel desired and desirous. This is the gift Betty Dodson has given me. And I am not only forever grateful. I am impassioned about sharing this beauty and this work...
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Posted at 7:46 AM Fri by Betty Dodson
Hey. I'm not sure if my questions are for here, but i don't know who to ask and talk about it. So I'll be glad if you can answer. I'm 19y. lesbian in relationship for first time and we are 2 years...
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Posted at 7:39 AM Fri by Carlin Ross
One of our Bodysex women - an Israeli artist - sent me this image and I love it.  The whimsy, the eroticism, the beauty speak to me.  This is how I see womankind.
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Posted at 8:06 AM Tue by Betty Dodson
Hi Dr. Betty, I am 21 years old and have never really had a true orgasm. I fear I won't be able to. I discovered I could pleasure myself at an extremely young age. I use to masterbate by lying on my...
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