How Can I Work Through Vaginismus?

Mon, 12/13/2010 - 17:07
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dr. Betty.

I don't believe much in any "diagnosis" but the vaginismus that developed, probably after sexual abuse, just does not seem to clear. In spite of "practicing" with vibrators etc. Clitoral orgasm is fine. I have the feeling that the condition is both physical and has an emotional companion :fear.

Your thoughts please.

Dear LV,

Go to the section on the site under Vaginal Barbell and read my instructions on how best to use my Barbell for toning the pelvic floor muscle. Before attempting any penetration (beginning with your own finger first), spend some time getting turned on or actually have an orgasm with clitoral stimulation. Using plenty of massage oil, gradually open your vagina.

When you feel fear, just breathe into the sensation and let it go. Add more clit stim. If you don't make any progress after a few weeks, you might want to seek some professional counseling. Meanwhile stay with your clitoral orgasms until you gradually learn to relax your vagina. Let me know what worked.

Dr. Betty

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