How Can I be More Confident, Show Myself Naked & Please Her?

Fri, 03/31/2017 - 07:46
Submitted by Betty Dodson


I'm not sure if my questions are for here, but i don't know who to ask and talk about it. So I'll be glad if you can answer.

I'm 19y. lesbian in relationship for first time and we are 2 years together now.  We had "sex" for 1st time in the end of the last year ,but it's not like it should be. I'm too shy to have my clothes off cuz i don't like my body and especially my labia and, when we are making love lights are off, I keep my pants on.  You can imagine how amateur it is..

We still enjoy it that way and its okay for me, I have orgasms but she doesn't and iIm worried.  Also I can't moan and let her know that I'm experiencing pleasure and that makes her feel bad.  Last week we talked about it and she told me that she is hard to please and that she never touches her self when she masturbates.

So how can I be more confident and show myself naked and how to learn to please her. Maybe the problem is me and i have to solve it, cuz she loves me the way I am and have told me a thousand times that I'm beautiful and that I dont have to be ashamed for who I am.


Dear N,

You have a loving partner who isn't getting off due to your inhibitions. I suggest you both go to a nude beach or sauna where you can practice nudity in a natural setting.

It will help you to overcome your inhibitions about nudity. Once you can accept your body just the way it is, you will be a better lover for you and for her. Simply at some point, massage her vulva using some organic massage oil as part of an over all massage.

Keep it natural and no big deal. Be sure to go into the website and read what has been written that will help you both to become more sexually aware.
Good luck,

Dr. Betty

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Hi I will start with your

Sat, 04/01/2017 - 05:28

Hi I will start with your labia, you have nothing wrong with it as we are all very different and thats for both men and women, heres a link you should relly look through, labias your see loads, your love it. OK

AS for being naked try when your on your own just be naked get used to it, even at this moment I'm sitting here naked, not because its make me feel sexy, its because I just love being free of cloths, think about it, we was all born very naked, so learn to love your labia and being naked, your get there, do yopu shave your pubs off try that see yourself completly naked and it will feel far sexier that way and its more healthy. OK

One more thing do you know yopurself, have your ever sat with a mirror and look at your vagina, get to know it and how it feels.

Do you masturbate try that it could help you, another way of getting to know your vagina. OK

One last thing is a little book which is great for the bedside titled Love Play by Dr David Delvin, now its a couples book yes men and women bits your find in side but remember what I do to my wife you will do to your lover all works the same your find it on Amazon cheap, read it and your enjoy it just as much as we love Betty and her answers. OK