I Get Aroused Without Touching My Genitals Due to PGAD

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 15:31
Submitted by Betty Dodson

Dear Dr. Betty,

Have you heard of a condition called PGAD (persistant genital arousal disorder)? I am in physical therapy for this and I feel like a freak.

I do not know anyone nor have i ever heard of anyone afflicted with this. However, the one good thing I have gained from having this is the relationship i needed to form with myself. I know every part of myself so well. I know all my pleasure spots and have to spend extra time with myself. I was diagnosed with this about five years ago and I have since learned to accept it but the shame is still there because most of the time I am the only one doctors have ever met and some doctors just think im a nymphomaniac.

Maybe I am that too but the arousal comes without stimulation and sometimes screams at me for attention. As I have said, i am in physical therapy now to manipulate the muscles that are squeezing the nerve to my clit.

So am I a freak or do others have this issue? Have you ever heard of it?

BTW I am a huge follower of all your videos and website. I have learned so much about myself. Maybe someday I can attend a workshop. Thank you both for helping me love myself.


Dear C,

I have heard of PGAD and have discussed it with my therapist friends. While it's true, PGAD is fairly rare, it certainly exists. Poor doctors never have time for sex. First its the demands of med school, then an internship and finally a busy private practice.

Given your situation, you will never have to worry about not pleasuring yourself enough. I just realized a day ago I'd gone two weeks without an orgasm. That's a shame. I took care of myself last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

By the way, I'm sure many people have labeled me a nymphomaniac due to my devotion to all things sexual. I now take pride in that. Join me!

Dr Betty

Liberating women one orgasm at a time

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Unfortunately, there are many

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 13:00
lsjb (not verified)

Unfortunately, there are many cases of PGAD.  Probably more because of the "shame" factor and those who do not go public.  MDs are often unaware of this and the awful  frustration and pain involved. 
Orgasms do not satisfy they merely provide a temporary release.  I have worked with women who spend hours each day  finding the tme to relieve themselves.  Their partners are often in the dark and believe ithe ssue is high desire-- and surely not a problem.
P/T is a great start.  This is a medical issue, it has nothing to do with you as a person.  It's kind of like "priapism" in men. The warnings with erection meds speak to this and urge patients to go to the hospital if their erection lasts more than a few hours.
Again, womens sexual problems have only been of interest inthe last 20 years or so.  The research is new.  If you have not googled PGAD, I urge you to try.  You will see many references to what PGAD is/might be.  
Please do your best to find a doc who knows the syndrome and can educate and suggest other ways to treat it.
We're not talking about pleasure here.