I Began My Veneration of Spring In the Pines

Thu, 03/08/2018 - 16:02
Submitted by bila kolbe

I think we are in for an early Spring according to my blooming crocuses. It’s that time of year when Mother Earth becomes pregnant with sun and rain, concocting a sumptuous panoply of color emerging from the dark clutches of Winter while she seduces us into a frenzy of surging hormones imaginably culminating in erotic adventures.

My adventure started as a portal into an extraordinary wonderland of sun and unseasonably balmy air on this first day of March. I eagerly donned my walking apparel and footwear then briskly headed out accompanied by sensuous music streaming from my headphones, cascading throughout my body. These walks are part of my sacred space, my roving sweat lodge, where I uninhibitedly immerse myself in rhythm and dance and joyfully detach myself from me, indulging in the aphrodisiac of freedom.

About a third of the way into my promenade I veered off the road and headed straight into the woods. Stroking my inner thighs, stoking my inner fire, produced a most delicious euphoria and anticipation. I basked in the pristine view amongst gargantuan pines and a dazzling lake and soon found my ‘hangout’. “Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” Henry David Thoreau is spot on. Sun in my face, pine at my back, I began my veneration of the Spring and of the creative energies resonating in my groin.

Since during my walk I hadn’t been wearing underwear, my genitals got a good swinging workout. I felt like I’d been dancing naked. Genitals benefit from getting ‘downtime’ from their daily clothing constraints, blood flow unencumbered, emotion in motion. After massaging myself on top of my sweatpants, I pulled them down and surrendered to an erotic adventure among the pines. The sun warmed my sex organ like a flame heating an alchemist’s retort. I felt in tune with the creative energies emanating from Mother Earth as I held and stroked my energy wand.

Earth energies and my sexual energies embraced lifting my fertility rite into the realm of an erotic transcendental meditation where I fluidly melded with the arboreal paradise. I felt deeply aligned with creation, fulfilled, whole, and vibrant while edging ambrosial orgasms and channeling sexual energy up into my head then coursing through my chakras.

Here in this transitory nirvana, I became initiated into the cult of Spring, an affirmation of my life energy, an adoration of my phallus’ beneficence, transcendent expressions of self-love.

love, health, music, sex