Every Woman Had an Orgasm

Tue, 06/28/2016 - 11:39
Submitted by Carlin Ross

This past weekend we had our last workshop of the season. We were overbooked, had some last minute cancellations, and filled the slots from our wait list. The most amazing women sit in our circles - somehow the "right" women find their way to the "right" workshop.

We had women from Australia, Canada, Hawaii, the Northeast and the West Coast....sex workers, probation officers, students and a former nun. Betty and I were struck by the gifts and the strength of these women, how fortunate we are to call them sisters. I feel like I'm ruined for ordinary friendships because of the deep connections we create through Bodysex. The women who move forward with certification cross over into family.

Since we've started running workshops in 2012, 250 women have joined us in the circle, 30 are getting certified to run their own groups, and 6 are officially certified. Almost half the women in this group want to be certified to run workshops *fingerscrossed*. That is fucking everything. And I have to say that the energy is this group was somehow different.

Day 1 was intense. The shares were so poignant, so raw. One of the women had a rash all over her body from nerves BUT she was there. Each one of us had made a commitment to healing, a commitment to pleasure, a commitment to sisterhood. Genital show & tell is where Betty shines. She knows what each woman needs - humor, affirmation, a pat or a hug. The vulvas were beautiful (they always are); not one looked like another. I had to snap this picture of Betty teaching:

During the last few weeks, something has shifted with Betty. She's been binge reading, fascinated by the prospect of alien life. I think it's about her death myth. At 87, knowing that energy is constant, she's believes that earth isn't the end but the beginning. And it's kind of beautiful to witness her excitement for the next chapter. It's not how most of us view death.

This whole alien thing kicked off Day 2 in high gear. 

Every woman had an orgasm during erotic recess. I don't think we've had a group who all experienced multiple orgasms. I've never seen Betty orgasm that many times...she was verbalizing her alien sex fantasies as we all giggled and rode her orgasm wave. We took breaks and chatted while we snacked on strawberries and gouda cheese. Betty remarked that this is where the best conversations happen, when we learn the most.

There are times when I wonder if we drank the Kool Aid and think too much of ourselves and the work. It seems too simple...too informal...the transformations happen too quickly. How can 10 hours over one weekend change lives?

But, when the women give us feedback about how they've learned so much so quickly and enjoyed every minute because of the humor, I know this work is powerful and understand why women want to continue Betty's legacy.

Betty says that she's going to continue leading the workshops for as long as she can (we may move her to a chair during our Fall groups).  Our next dates are:

September 24/25

October 15/16 (for women who took 1 workshop and are now seeking certification)

November 12/13

You can email me to register admin@dodsonandross.com

Thank you
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Wed, 06/29/2016 - 00:23
pleasure island (not verified)

Nice summation, Carlin!  You know it.  Vibratons were expansive and what a setting to partake in the experience.  Thank you for the umptieth time.  Love you both.  BYT:  heard this song today and thought of Betty.  I think it's apropo!!!  :)  Blessings...