All Women Should be Acknowledged & Supported by Feminism

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 09:11
Submitted by Carlin Ross

Trump's inauguration will prove one of the most surreal moments in American history. The system has elected the ultimate symbol of white privilege, misogyny, and corporate greed. The only thing that's keeping me together - besides the amazing twitter commentary on each of Donald's tweets - is the Women's March.

I love the Pussyhats and will be ordering one off etsy after this weekend. I love that they've sold 3x as many tickets for the March as they did for Trump's Inauguration (they've had to increase the number of permits too). I love that you can't purchase an Amtrak ticket from Penn Station to DC because they're sold out. And I love that one of Donald's sexual assault victims looking for a sold out ticket reached out to organizers who've dedicated a train - the "Cathy" train - to support sexual assault survivers (one of Donald's victims is pursuing her claims with Gloria Allred as her counsel. I don't think we've ever deposed sitting President for sexual misconduct).

The second and third waves of feminism petered out because they were exclusive. Women of color, lesbians who they called the "Pink Menace", and sex workers were not part of their brand of feminism. This time they're including a range of issues: equal housing, immigration, disability rights etc to the platform. Roughly 200 different organizations have joined the March with sister marches happening through out the country and around the globe. The Donald may be the most unifiying force in global politics. It feels good to know that hate spurs this kind of world response.

There's only one snag for me which speaks to feminisms failure to support women's sexual agency. Initially, the Women's March vision statement included a line written by Janet Mock supporting sex workers which read, "and we stand in solidarity with sex workers’ rights movements.” Unfortunately, they've cut the line from the final statement (you can read Janet Mock's post here).

All women should be acknowledged and supported by feminism. Sex workers need our support. Their work undermines the sexual double standard and romantic love myths that keep so many women in dysfunctional relationships and financial bondage. Equal pay is about valuing women's contributions at work, in the home, and the bedroom. Dominion over one's body includes the right to intentional motherhood and the right to sex on your own terms. When we exclude sex workers, we buy into the patriarchal notion that women need to be protected from themselves and other men.

Betty and I have always considering ourselves to be sex workers.  We run nude circles where we display our vulvas and masturbate to orgasm with women we've just met.  We're proud of our work and hopeful for the future. We will embrace female sexuality without limit or exception. It's time. Grab your pussyhat and head out into the world - no apologies.

Editor in Chief & Keeper of All Things Betty Dodson

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Hear, hear Carlin. I'm done marching

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 13:03
Betty Dodson

 since I've been doing it since 1970. But I'm with everyone in spirit out on the street here in NY and in Washington. Yes, this president is not the people's choice but he sure is mobilizing us to speak out like never before. I thank him for that. It's looking to be an interesting time in politics. Just wait until we mach for women's equal orgasms in partner sex. That's going to get me out in the street just one more time.