May: the Month to Celebrate Masturbation

Fri, 05/14/2010 - 16:25
Submitted by Marisa Black

You know that May is Masturbation Month? I didn't either, perhaps in part because I am personally dedicated to masturbation every week and month out of the year. Hence, I never noticed that self-pleasure had its own Official Month. But it does. May: the Month to Celebrate Masturbation. Good Vibrations apparently spearheaded this celebration in 1995 when Dr. Jocelyn Elders was ousted from her position as U.S. Surgeon General after daring to acknowledge that masturbation could be taught as an alternative to other types of sexual activity that may pose health risks absent in a masturbation-centered sexuality.

Through some ubiquitous social network or another, I saw a link to a Masturbation Song. The song is written by Stacy Bias, who prefers to call herself an "Anti-Shame Activist." Not only is she a sex-positive advocate, but she also advocates for queer and fat issues, also known as body acceptance.

From her bio:

"At the heart of Stacy's activism is the idea that all beings are worthy of love, from self and others, and that shame is a sinister and lucrative tool employed to ensure a steady stream of faithful and desperate consumers.

Stacy believes that fitness and fatness are not mutually exclusive. Further, Stacy believes that fitness is not the sole measure of worth for an individual and that all individuals, regardless of fitness level, are entitled to equal access to medical care and basic human rights.

It is Stacy's ultimate goal to empower individuals of all sizes towards greater self-love, whatever that looks like for them; to explore the seedy underbelly of consumer culture and the holes it digs in our self-esteem each day in efforts to turn us against one another and, ultimately, sell us product; to humanize one another, TO one another, in an effort to bring compassion, a greater understanding for the vast diversity of our human race, and to encourage and support bridge-building over the many intersections of multiple "isms" because racism, sexism, sizeism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and classism are all related issues. We stand to learn so much from one another if we begin to communicate our stories and release our shame and judgment."

For me this all relates to what I discussed in my Sin & Forgiveness post, letting go of the stories and patterns that imprison us and perpetuate negativity. Are fat people sexy? Do big bodies deserve pleasure? Hell yes. Of course. The answer to "get fit!" is only part of the equation. In part, as Stacy reiterates, fitness and fatness are not mutually exclusive. There is a dangerous and pervasive myth that fat people cannot be fit and that non-fat people likely are fit. And is fitness or fatness or any other physical aspect of a person the determiner of human value?

My own personal journey in my body has been, and continues to be, tumultuous. I'm not unique, and I think many people - both men and women - have a deep-seated bodyshame that permeates many aspects of their lives. I know that my own bodyshame has deeply affected some of my choices. Right now I'm working on a retrospective of my sexual styles, and for me, that is deeply entwined with body image, masturbation, and believing that I deserve pleasure. I'm hoping to post the first segment of that retrospective in the next few days, but as I've worked on it for over a week, I'm finding that the story is made of many layers, and peeling them back exposes memories and beliefs that I had long-forgotten.

As May progresses, enjoy your self-pleasure. I sure am.

Finding room for all of me

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Fri, 05/14/2010 - 16:50
VirginMonoblogger (not verified)

I didn't know that May was masturbation month, either. It makes me happy (and makes total sense) that I was born right smack in the middle of it.

Masturbation Month is a good Ice Breaker

Mon, 06/28/2010 - 16:06
Dan J (not verified)

I found out about the masturbation month of May from my college roommate. I thought he was either a joker or a serious pervert until he showed me about it on your site. He turned out to be neither, just a good friend who shared a common interest. We read about mutual masturbation and masturbating roommates and stuff. I was excited to discover how common it was among straight guys and, even more so, among college roommates. This was a good icebreaker and got us both talking about stuff I never would have talked about before with another guy, although I've always been curious. I was surprised how much we had in common. We had both been abstaining some because of each other, even when we really needed to ejaculate. Now we were exchanging stories , comparing our cocks, and demonstrating what stimulation worked best for us. He was regular and did it sometimes as often as daily. I was irregular and sometimes did it, at most, every other day. We both started young with the help of an older friend who liked to masturbate, although his story was better. We both had regular intercourse with girls, although me more than him. His left arm, below the elbow, is prosthetic from an accident he had as a kid and I can imagine that turns some girls off who might otherwise be willing. He took it in stride though and often joked that he was glad it wasn’t his right hand and he didn’t mean for writing. This because when he was stuck in bed for so long after that accident had had lots of time and had one idle hand. With the help of a good friend, he masturbated a lot and learned to appreciate it.

We made a pact to double our masturbation during May "for our health" and for the science of it. We wanted to see how it went and if we could even keep it up for the whole month. For me that meant daily, for him it meant twice a day and we kept a journal since this was, after all, for science. It was honestly hard for me the first two weeks and even harder for him so we egged each on to keep it up. Same as guys do for each other weight lifting. By the third week it became easy and then an even grew into an urgent needed release. That you actually ejaculate more come each time and shoot it out further as you get used to masturbating more often was a surprise to us. Your orgasms begin to last longer too. Go figure. I see why Masturbation Month is a whole month now- so you benefit from it enough so you won't wanna turn back. When May was over we tried holding back for a few days but fast decided we should continue our experiment just a little more. But July is upon us now and we’re still not finished our experiment. Science is hard work! The urge and pleasure of it is just too strong. One funny note, in June my roommate burned the palm of his only hand and it was bandaged up for a week. He was going to have to slack off but I insisted on using my own hand to keep our experiment going. His stands taller and straighter than mine which I found myself envying once I got over stroking it. He must have a strong hand to have kept it up for so long because mine got worn out doing him 2 to 3 times a day. When I was done with him, I barely had strength left for my own cock which needed it bad and oozed profusely after stroking him off so much. Good thing I didn’t need it as often as he did.

Now it wouldn’t be funny except he pulled his bandage off at the end of the week without any sign of a scar and admitted he was just jerkin with me. Although it was apparently me who had been jerking him the whole week. I was glad then he was not a pervert like I had originally feared or I’d have been mad.

Well that’s my story of Masturbation Month. Dedicating May for this has really popularized masturbation and helped break the ice for many people like me. Like many others, I leave May with a healthy, strong habit that will remain with me and for a long time to cum. Same for my roommate. Masturbation so much in May and June… and so on, has helped me realize how much I need my orgasms or ejaculations and how important they are to my well being. It has given me something I enjoy sharing with others of similar open mind. Looking back now, I just can't imagine how I managed to repress the urge and survive without ejaculating so much for so long. Thanks to you, I allowed my roommate to share something I didn’t know I needed so badly and … I didn't miss Masturbation Month.

Thanks to Dr. Betty and Ross and Good Vibrations

Dan of Maryland

It's May again!

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 17:20

Time to celebrate my favorite month of the year, May aka National Masturbation Month!
For real, to paraphrase the late Timothy Leary - let's all turn on, turn on, and stroke-a-thon!
Embrace the lifestyle!  I once called it a hobby, but that just doesn't do it justice.  Through dedication, focus and practice continue to maximize your pleasure.  Push your limits and reach new heights!  I look forward to hearing how others are planning to enjoy the lifestyle during this special month!


Is this thing on?

Thu, 08/09/2018 - 19:04

Feeling a little like Rip Van Winklewacker here.  I must have been stroking so much this summer that that I missed all the great updates and user commentary.