The Orgasm Doctor

The Orgasm Doctor

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Running time 100 minutes

The Orgasm Doctor: Two Private Hands-On Sex Coaching Sessions DVD

Watch Cynthia and Karen during their private sessions with Dr. Dodson. In this DVD, Betty demonstrates her most recent hands-on Sex Coaching Methods.  Learn how to have your first orgasm, heighten your pleasure, and experience orgasm after shocks.   

This is a must watch film for the sex practitioner or anyone studying to be a sex coach, therapist or counselor.  You will learn Betty's patented Rock 'n Roll orgasm technique and the "Betty Dodson" method to orgasm and pleasure.

This is one of our best-selling dvds.  And if you're interested in having a session with Betty this dvd documents what your experience will be like - transformative. 

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The Orgasm Doctor: Cynthia
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