Selfloving: Portrait Of A Women's Sexuality Seminar

Selfloving: Portrait Of A Women's Sexuality Seminar

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Betty's documentary film of one of her womens' masturbation workshops. Ten women, ages 28 to 60, interact in the nude to confront false modesty. The erotic finale is a celebration of selfloving filled with authentic orgasms. The result is both educational and extremely exciting.

Sex education as an erotic treat.

A documentary of Betty's famous Bodysex Workshops. It begins with 10 women ages 28 to 60 sharing details of their sexlives. They do a genital exam or what Betty calls Genital Show & Tell as she points out the beauty of each vulva. At the end, the women masturbate in a group under Dr. Dodson's guidance using electric vibrators. The camera moves around as if fascinated and you will be, too! This is sex education as an erotic treat. A healing and enlightening journey for women of all ages and the men who love them. 

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Editorial Reviews

"Her celebration of female sensuality is intelligent, life affirming and down to earth. Real women have real orgasms."


"Betty Dodson orchestrates a symphony of woman-energy that will undoubtedly be seen and heard throughout the world. Selfloving is both educational and erotic! Now there's a rare treat. You can join the women in the video and make wonderful music together."



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Thu, 12/31/2009 - 14:10
S (not verified)

This video really showed me how to appreciate and please a woman sexually. I can safely say that it completely changed how I related to women and I will be forever grateful to Betty for making it. Buy it, enjoy it and most of all, if you are a man.....LEARN from it. My copy has sadly long gone.........maybe I should buy a new one on DVD...