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Everyone wants to know how I met Betty -

I interviewed Betty 8 years ago and less than half way through the interview she looked me dead in the eye, reached her hand across the table, and said, "we're going into business together.  Shake on it".

I didn't hesitate for a moment, grabbed her hand, and "shook on it".  I knew we would work because that's exactly how I would have handled it.  Then throw in my commitment to feminist ideals and we were are a perfect match.  

The women in my family were suffragettes.  My great aunt was one of the first female physicians in New York (when she signed on to a hospital in 1898 nineteen male doctors resigned on the spot).  They fought for the right to vote and my grandfather was featured in Gerber baby food ads because "suffragettes feed their babies Gerber".

I grew up in a Christian Fundamentalist home (I know from feminism to the Moral Majority).  My father was a minister and I was taught at home.  There was no radio, television, and no sex before marriage.  My personal experience taught me that sexual repression is used to control and manipulate others.

Betty and I believe that the next phase of feminism is sexual liberation because without sexual freedom there can be no self.  We are visually stimulated...we are sexual creatures...and we deserve pleasure.    

If you're thinking about writing for us or want to submit a video, drop me a line.  We're always looking for new perspectives.  Welcome to D&R.

My new ebook is out How to Make a Girl Come.  It's distributed through smashwords so you can read it on your computer, ereader and smart phone.  I couldn't believe it when Cosmo gave it a positive review and republished some of my orgasm tips *bows*

Television: Trekant - Betty and I made history by showing a private session on camera in Norway.  First vulva and orgasm ever seen on national television (and it was mine).

Press: Marie Claire, Esquire, NY Times, and HuffPost.

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Betty and I running a bodysex group with all of our bloggers and having one big simultaneous orgasm ;)
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[= medium]Congratulations!  [/]

[= medium]And it's great to know that your baby was planned for and is wanted, since I'm sure you had the sense to make it that way.[/]

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