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Sat, 12/04/2010 - 21:41
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Eric Amaranth is a sex life coach covering topics ranging from solo and partnered women's and men's sexuality, first time orgasm for women, orgasm during intercourse, premature ejaculation, and much more. He is the ten year protege of pioneer sex coach, Betty Dodson, Ph.D.

Amaranth uses a sophisticated made-for-adults approach where he guides and coaches individual and couples clients of all sexual orientations and genders toward the sex life, intimacy, and connection goals they want most.
Eric's own rich experience, original material, and thorough training by Dr. Dodson create and sustain sex and relationship success. You'll learn how to design and build your sex life, better and better, for years to come.
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That sex life coaching will take its place beside sex therapy to form a complete system for advancing the sex lives of everyone who values sexual fulfillment and strong relationships.
Sex life coaching and neo-male perspectives.